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Russian Izhmash Tiger Tigr России Ижмаш Тигр

Tiger with sling and manual

The Izhmash factory arsenal in Izhevsk, Russia manufactures the Tigr (Tiger) rifle. This rifle is available in three main calibers, though only the 7.62x54R version was sold in the US. Special-order calibers are also available including a Tigr in .30-06. From Izhmash's web site:

"The Tigr self-loading hunting rifles are intended for big-and medium-size game hunting under various climatic conditions. The rifles are based on the venerable SVD Dragunov sniper rifle and differ in their improved accuracy of fire. "

7,62 mm Izhmash Tigr semi-automatic rifle

Cartridge: 7.62

Operation: gas

Locking: rotating bolt

Feed: 5 or 10-round box magazine

Muzzle velocity: 2723FPS, 830 m/s

Rate of fire: 650 rds/min

Firing mode: single shot semi-auto

Sights: fore, post; rear, U notch; adjustable 0 to 300 m; Scope 4 x 24

Weapon length: 43.3", 1100 mm

Barrel length: 20.86", 530 mm

Barrel twist: 4 grooves RH, 1:9.5", 240 mm

Weight without magazine: 8.6 lbs, 3.9 kg

Weight empty magazine: .5 lbs, 0.21 kg

PSO-1M2 Scope: 1.27 lbs, 0.575kg

CH's Tigr in Finland

Tigr variants

 Specifications "Tigr" "Tigr-308" "Tigr-9"
Calibre, mm 7.62 7.62 9
Cartridge 7.62x54R .308 Win(7.62x51) 9.3x64
Barrel length, inches 20.86 22.24 22.24
Rifle total length, inches 43.30 43.30 43.30
Rifle weight, empty magazine, pounds 8.6 8.7 8.7
Magazine capacity, rds. 5 or 10 10 5

The Tigr is offered in two barrel lengths (up to 24 inches) and various muzzle brake styles.

Cartridge designation Bullet weight, gr Muzzle velocity, fps Muzzle energy, J
7.62x54R 203 2362 approx 3600
.308Win (7.62x51) 150...180 2854...2624 approx 3700
9.3x64 247...293 2690...2559 approx 5800

You can also choose from 3 or 4 different butt stock styles.

Tigr brochure

Century Arms International import

In 1993-1994 Russian Dragunov Tiger rifles were imported into the U.S. from the Izhmash (sometimes stamped "Izhmach" on the receivers) factory by three different companies: Big Bear Arms of Dallas, Texas, B-West of Tucson, Arizona, and Century Arms International of Saint Albans, Vermont. The CAI imported Tigers have uniquely marked receivers with no Russian arsenal logos as can be seen at left.

Tiger Receiver Markings

The Tiger rifles imported into the US starting in 1993 had the improved flat-sided receiver without the "lightening cut" above the magazine. Tigers sold in Russia and elsewhere were still being sold with the older receiver in 1993.

Tigr 1993 receiver

Above is a Russian Tigr made in 1993. Note the lightening cut with "Made in Russia" in cyrillic and 7.62x53 caliber.

B-West Tiger Markings

The unique markings of a B-West of Arizona imported Tiger.

"сделано в россии" means "Made in Russia"

"Izhmach" is from the original name of the arsenal "Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant"(Ижевский Машиностроительный Завод). At some point they changed the spelling from Izhmach to Izhmash (ИЖМАШ), which is closer to how the word is pronounced.

Tiger receiver markings

Still another version of Tiger markings.

The "тигр" under the safety lever is the word "TIGER" in Russian cyrillic.

Differences between the Military SVD and Tiger hunting rifle

 Specifications Military SVD Tiger
Barrel length - inches 24 20
Rear sight leaf marking - meters 1200 300
Adjustable gas system Yes No
Thumbhole butt stock Steel butt plate, detachable cheek pad. Rubber butt plate, no cheek pad
Front sight assembly Flash hider, bayo lug, hooded post Bare muzzle, blade sight
Magazine capacity, rds. 10 5
Front sling mount assembly Small loop for sling hook Wide loop for flat sling tab

The Tiger is basically a hunting rifle, though some dealers would rather you thought it a true sniper's rifle.

Shooting one of these is not unlike shooting a Mosin-Nagant M44; Huge muzzle flash and very strong recoil. These rifles are as light as an AK but fire the full-size 7.62x54R cartridge.

Tiger package

Some Tigers came with a hooded front sight though this is a rare variation. Most had an exposed blade which is held very tightly in place.


Your Izhmash Tiger should have come with these accessories which include spare 3 volt scope bulbs, rubber switch covers, scope polarizing filter, spare spring-loaded firing pin, oil bottle, some scope tools, and a Russian language manual for both the scope and the rifle.

Military vented hand guards

Tiger package as offered in the US. This one has the military polymer SVD butt stock and hand guards installed and an extra 10 round magazine.

Tiger with soft case

A high mounted scope and no cheek raiser means you have a "chin weld" instead of a cheek weld. This position gives more percieved recoil because your chin does not help absorb the recoil like your cheek would.

Military wood furniture

Many owners have replaced the commercial stock set with a military SVD stock which has a cheek pad and vented hand guards.

B-West import mark

B-West of Tucson, Arizona import mark.

Tiger Chrome Chamber

The chrome chamber of the Tiger.

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Tiger acceptance mark

Rear latch lever. Rotate down and back to remove the cover.

Tiger rear receiver cover

The late type 2 variation receiver cover has no indents at the rear like on the Chinese version.

Tiger at the range

The Tiger was imported with the military style PSO-1M2 scope manufactured in Belarus. These Zenith-Belomo factory scopes are rarely offered for commercial sale and are similar in quality to the current NPZ-manufactured PSO-1 scopes from Russia.

100 yard target

The rifle shoots the Wolf 7.62x54R 154 grain FMJ ammunition well at 100 yards. Muzzle flash is massive with this ammo.

Heavier bullets are safe to use in this rifle. See here for more info.

March 1995 CDNN ad. Note the comment above the price.

March 1995 CDNN sale ad. Note for an extra $100 you could opt for the military stock.

Spring 1996 sales flier

Original 1996 J&G Sales dealer ad showing $799.95 price.

California Armory Inc. Tiger 7.62x54r

California Armory Tiger rifle

The "California Armory Tiger" that was imported in the early 1990's came in with all the military features, including buttstock, flash supressor (removed from barrel), rear sight leaf, etc. However they have the shorter 20" barrel and no adjustable gas system. The barrel diameter and length is identical to the regular Tiger and is not based on the shorter SVDS barrel.

Cal Tiger Sight

The military sight leaf marked to 1200 Meters.

0093 of 1000

The rifles are numbered as if they are a limited production run of 1000 but importation was cut off before all 1000 arrived. There are actually only about 700 of these Tiger rifles that were imported by California Armory, Inc of San Bruno, California USA. This is the second most rare Dragunov variant in the U.S., behind the KBI imported SVDs of which only 100 came in.

Picture courtesy of

The flash supressor/bayonet lug assembly was not originally attached to the rifle but was included in the box. Most owners or retailers put these on the rifles because the assembly also has the front sight on it and you couldn't use the iron sights without it.

Picture courtesy of

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There has been a recent ruling by the BATFE that verifies flash hiders are legal to mount on these guns. Click here to read the letter on this ruling.

Izhmash Tigr rifles as offered in other countries

Tigr 03 long

The Izhmash Tigr-03 model with the monte carlo butt stock. The trigger is modified so it is easier to reach with this style stock.

Tigr 03 short

This model is offered with long and short barrels.

tigr folding stock

Though it looks like an SVDS, this is a commercial Tigr in 7.62x54R with folding buttstock.

Tigr folding buttstock

Tigr folding buttstock

All commercial Tigers sold in Russia feature a special chamber design that has a "step" machined into the chamber. This results in the fired cases being marked with an indented ring around the neck, which aides in forensic criminal investigation. Rifling twist rate is now 1:320 mm or about 1:12.5" compared to the 1:240 mm (1:9.5") in Tigers made until the early 1990s.

Tigr folded butt stock

"VTB" on the forum had this to say about Tigr barrels:

"Tigers in some batches of production were made without threads - the barrel was just inserted into the heated receiver. 1992-1993 tigers are fine. 2015-2016 are too.
But in 1998-2008 they are without threads. You can check if the barrel is threaded if you look at the barrel chamber area. The threads can be clearly seen there (in the area where bolt charging handle is located when the bolt is closed)"

Tigr from Gun City

Tigr from Gun City

Izhmash Tigr sporters

Tigr type 2

Tiger wood

The latest variation of the Izhmash Tiger available in New Zealand at Gun City.

Tiger wood, no flash hider

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New Tiger wood hand guard

This variation is being offered with the longer 620mm barrel (24 inches) and wood stocks. No flash supressor/muzzle brake is included.

New Tiger with 1P21 scope

An optional 1P21 variable power scope is shown mounted.

Synthetic stock Tiger

Both stock styles are offered.

No flash hider

Notice the simplified smooth receiver cover.

Tiger receiver detail

This receiver cover is made from thicker metal as the previous ribbed version and increases the strength of the action.

Tiger owned by "BAS" in New Zealand

Tigr owned by "Bas" in New Zealand.

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Izhmash Tiger as sold in Spain

Tiger with SVD flash hider

Notice the difference in flash hiders.

Tiger with various butt stock styles