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PSL vs Tiger

PSL or Tiger

Izhmash Tiger compared to Romanian PSL

The following pictures are courtesy of the Don Francis Collection.

PSL and Tiger

Romanian PSL (top) and Russian Izhmash Tiger.

PSL and Tiger

The PSL is a sporting rifle that looks almost identical to its military counterpart. The Tiger is a hunting rifle based on the military SVD.


Romanian PSL butt stock has a built-in cheek riser. This Tiger has a military spec "skelentonized" butt stock and is missing the detachable cheek pad.


Both scopes are 4x24 power and mount high enough to still see through the iron sights without removing the scope.

Hand guards

The PSL hand guards mount top and bottom. The Izhmash Tiger plastic hand guards mount left and right and have no cooling vents.


Scope rails are not identical but close enough to use the same scope mount base.

Receiver covers

PSL has a rear tang at the comb. The Tiger's rear sight leaf is marked 100 to 300 meters but can be adjusted for further distances.

Inside receivers

Bolt carriers and recoil spring. The PSL at the top has recoil spring assembly that anchors to the rear of the recevier. The Tiger anchors in the receiver cover.


The PSL has a vented muzzle brake that is sometimes welded on. The Tiger would benefit from a brake because the rifle kicks hard when fired.

Gas tubes

Gas tubes and sling mounting points. The Tiger (bottom) is capable of accepting the SVD adjustable gad regulator.

PSL gas tube removed

The PSL gas tube removes exactly like an AK.

Tigr hand guard

Tiger gas piston assembly with short gas tube that screws on to the gas block.

Bolt carrier

The PSL (top) has a one-piece bolt carrier and gas piston.

Recoil spring

The Tiger's recoil spring (bottom) anchors to the rear of the receiver cover.


Scope rail mounts are the same and can be interchanged between the Tiger and PSL. Both scopes feature a built-in sun shade that extends from the front.

The Romanian LPS scope (top) has no electronics (battery housing, switch box, light bulb on bottom of scope body).

Magazines 7.62x54r

Both magazines hold 5 rounds of 7.62x54r but are not interchangable.


Both are loaded from the top and each cartridge is pushed back into the magazine. The ensures the rims of the cartridges are aligned right.

Trigger assembly

Dragunov Tiger trigger assembly removed from rifle. The PSL trigger parts are identical to the standard AK rifle and can not be removed as a unit.

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