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Chinese Norinco NDM-86 Owner's Registry

I am collecting information to be listed here on and I need your assistance. Since there is very little solid information available on these rifles I have decided to put together a registry using data you provide. What I specifically need is the following:

NDM-86 receiver serial and cartoucheReceiver:

• Does your receiver have a date stamp anywhere? (on bottom in front of the mag well or on the side of the receiver).

• Does your rifle have an arsenal marking? (a triangle with numbers inside or other symbols inside a triangle). (Factory 26 Jing-an arsenal pictured)

• What is your receiver's serial number? (you can x out the last 2 if you prefer).

• Which import mark does it have?

•What is the date on your owners manual?


• Do your scope turret cams have English writing or Chinese?

• What is the scope's full serial number (on the front of the switch box) and does it match the one on the buttstock?

• And of course which caliber is yours in, 7.62x54R or 7.62 NATO.

Pictures are always welcome and feel free to note any other unusual markings or features on your rifle.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and no personal contact information will be posted in the results.

E-Mail your info

This will be very helpful in determining the value of these rifles by seeing which are the more rare variations.