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Chinese Norinco NDM-86 and EM-351 rifle

Norinco EM 351 Sniper rifle

7.62 mm Norinco NDM-86
Norinco Equipment logo
Cartridge: 7.62x54R mm

Operation: gas

Locking: rotating bolt

Feed: 10-round box magazine

Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s

Rate of fire: 650 rds/min

Firing mode: single shot semi-auto
Sights: fore, post; rear, U notch; adjustable 0 to 1200 m; Scope: 4x26 Type JJJ

Weapon length: 1220 mm

Barrel length: 622 mm (695 mm w/flash hider)

Weight (7.62) w/o scope cheek rest: 3.8kg

Scope: 0.575kg

The Chinese NDM-86 is manufactured at the Jing-An arsenal number 26 (a P.R.C. Ministry of Public Security manufacturer) and has a military designation of Type-79 (adopted in 1979) or Type-85 depending on which optical sight is used. The rifle is distributed by Norinco Equipment and is sold as both the NDM-86 and EM-351 and is chambered in either the 7.62x54R rimmed cartridge or 7.62x51 NATO caliber. Though the Type-79/85 is still in use in the PRC by special police and military units, it has been replaced by the QBU-88 for general military DMR use.

The rifles first appeared in the US around 1985 and were imported by Navy Arms. These early examples came in a green plywood transit chest which contained the rifle and the metal scope case. There were a very small number of sample rifles imported in the early 1980's that were chambered in .308 Winchester and designated as EM-352. These are not to be mistaken with the the NDM-86 in .308. The difference being that the EM-352 used standard curved magazines but with a modified follower to allow proper feeding of the rimless .308 Win cartridge.

Other importers of NDM-86 rifles were CSI (China Sports Int'l) in Ontario, California; CJA (China Jing-An) in Springfield, Montana; KFS (Kengs Firearms Specialty) in Atlanta, GA; GBE of Los Angeles, CA; and KSI/JPE (King Sport / Jay's Precision Enterprises) in Pomona, California. KSI alone imported 500 NDM-86s (in 7.62x54R) but the total number of NDM-86s in 7.62x54R from all five importers is not known. From data in the NDM-86 registry here there is so far an almost equal number of .308 (7.62x51) caliber versions submitted from owners as the 7.62x54r version. Since it is known there were 1500 NDM-86s in .308 imported it would not be far fetched to say a similar number of 7.62x54r versions came to the US as well.

China Sports Catalog

China Sports, Inc of Ontario, California (CSI Ont, CA) product catalog of Norinco rifles offered for sale in the U.S. during the early 1990s.

NDM-86 complete set

Original box with canvas soft rifle case and three magazines. This NDM-86 is owned by "David".

NDM-86 new package

The "NDM" part of the name probably (though not confirmed) stands for Norinco Defense Manufacturing.

NDM-86 in original packaging

Some NDM-86 rifles were imported in this styrofoam packaging.

Vic Thomas' Type-79 transit chest

A rare original Type-79 sniper transit crate from the Vic Thomas collection. The green metal scope case can be seen with the scope serial number painted on.

Type 79 sniper transit case

These photos are from Aaron H. and show an early Navy Arms imported NDM-86. This version had minimal markings on the receiver.

Aaron H sniper transit chest

Tyvex pouches hold the spare magazines. Scope case is in the center under a piece of cardboard.

AaronH_scope case

Type-79 scope case with the scope's serial number which will also be stamped on the side of the butt stock. The optics manufacturer is shown as factory 833.

Norinco NDM-86

Chinese NDM-86 in 7.62x54R with Type 85-JJJ 4x26 scope.

Norinco NDM-86

The metal surface texture is not as "clean" as what you might see on the Russian SVDs but these Chinese rifles will shoot and function as well as their Russian counterpart. It has been said that the Chinese government examined several samples of the Russian SVD and "reverse-engineered" their Type-79 (military version of the NDM-86) with some improvements over the original Russian rifle.

Chinese Bayonet

A Chinese bayonet and sheath with wire cutter. This bayonet is unique in that it has the "saw back" blade similar to the Russian bayonets.

NDM-86 bayonet

NDM86 hand guards

Hand guards have a glossy protective coating over the laminated wood.

NDM-86 rifle

NDM-86 package

Chad W NDM-86

ChadW's NDM-86 with refinished wood stock.

Norinco NDM-86 in red velvet lined case

The rare deluxe package on the first batch of NDM-86's imported.

Red velvet case

The total number of Velvet cased NDM-86s imported is unknown but they were apparently all imported by KFS of Atlanta, GA. Keng's Firearms Specialty was established in 1985 and imported several different types of firearms from China over the years.

Deluxe NDM-86 package

KSI imported NDM-86 in case

KSI imports came in a different red hard case than the KFS imports. This case has a foam lining with no cut-out for individual parts. No metal scope can was included with these so the spare scope parts and tools were just put in a plastic bag.

KFS NDM-86 case label

The KSI case had a barcode label with mis-spelled "Dragonov" description.

KSI imported NDM-86 packing list

KSI imports had a packing list from China describing the rifle and all accessories in the package. Rifle and scope serial number is also listed along with the packing date (May 27, 1993 in this example).

Import Marks

NDM-86 rifle with GBE import mark

Above is a very uncommon NDM-86 importer marking GBE of Los Angeles, California.

NDM-86 with KSI over stamp import mark

Sometimes rifles were stamped with an import mark that was later changed. In this case KSI became the official importer of this rifle. Overstamps are very rare.

NDM-86 with KSI king sports import mark\

This KSI (King Sports of Pomona, California) marking is the more common version.

NDM-86 KFS import stamp

KFS of Atlanta, Georgia. Not many NDM-86 rifles were imported by this company.

NDM-86 7.62x54R import mark CJA

CJA in Springfield, Montana imported many NDM-86s mostly in the 900,000 serial number range.

Chinese SDM-86 rifle

Around 2014 China began exporting the rifle as a model SDM-86 (Sino Defense Manufacturing) in both .308 and 7.62x54R. These are still banned from import into the United States.

NSG-85 Chinese sniper rifle

NSG-85 sniper rifle in 7.62x54R. Latest experimental update to the Type-85 rifle.