NDM-86 in 7.62x54R

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PRC "Top Sniper"

Chinese Norinco NDM-86 Sniper Rifle 7.62x51 NATO caliber.

Nornico EM-352 in 7.62x51

7.62 mm Norinco NDM-86
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm .308 Winchester

Operation: gas

Locking: rotating bolt

Feed: 10-round box magazine

Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s

Rate of fire: 650 rds/min

Firing mode: single shot semi-auto
Sights: fore, post; rear, U notch; adjustable 0 to 1200 m; Scope: 4x26 Type JJJ

Weapon length: 1220 mm

Barrel length: 622 mm (695 mm w/flash hider)

Weight w/o scope cheek rest: 3.85kg

Scope: 0.575kg

There were a very small number of sample rifles imported in the early 1980's that were chambered in 7.62x51 NATO and designated as EM-352. These are not to be mistaken with the the NDM-86 in 7.62x51. The difference being that the EM-352 used standard curved magazines but with a modified follower to allow proper feeding of the rimless .308 Win cartridge.

Other importers of NDM-86 rifles were CSI in Ontario, California, CJA in Springfield, Montana and KSI/JPE of Pomona, California. The total number of NDM's from all five importers is not known. Over 2000 is an educated guess.

NDM-86 in 7.62x51

The rifle at left is a Chinese NDM-86 in 7.62NATO. You can clearly see the difference in the magazine which is a box-type as opposed to the curved version in 7.62x54R. Though the serial number is above 1500, the actual number of 7.62NATO/.308's brought into the US is 1000. For whatever reason, the serial numbers on the rifles are not sequential and do not indicate the number of .308 versions in the US. These rifles were special-ordered by JPE (Jay's Pacific Enterprises) in the City of Industry, California. JPE put up the money and had BTC import them because they already had the BATF form 6 import permits. JPE originally ordered 1500 rifles in 7.62x51 from Norinco in China and at least 3000 magazines but importation was halted by US customs after 1000 made it in. What has happened to the remaining 500 7.62x51 NDM-86s in China is not known.

BTC also imported 500 NDM-86s in 7.62x54R for KSI (King Sports inc) of Pomona, CA.

Norinco MAK-90

JPE of Pomona, California is also the same company as KSI (King Sports Inc.) of Pomona, CA though both are now out of business. Owners of Chinese AK rifles with thumbhole stocks will be familiar with the KSI and JPE import stamps. Over 50,000 "post-ban" MAK-90 Chinese Type-56 rifles and 250,000 SKS rifles were imported by these companies.

The SKS "paratrooper" carbine was also the brainchild of JPE. Regular SKS rifles had their barrels shortenend to 16 inches and re-crowned in their warehouse in the City of Industry, California.

Norinco Type-56 SKS carbine

NDM-86 owned by Ezra Coli

NDM-86 owned by "Ezra Coli" a.k.a "Head" of Head's Bunker.

Cleaning rods, tool kit, front sight adjusting tool, and plastic oil bottle.

NDM-86 in 308 in case

As shipped from CDNN in hard plastic case and green canvas scope bag.