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Legion USA partsПродается

For the discerning Dragunov owner, Izhmash offers "hand-built" rifles from its Legion division. This would be comparable to a gun manufacturer's "custom shop".

LEGION Ltd. produces and sells firearms of improved quality based on products built by Izhevsk Arms Factory. Firearms produced by Legion feature high quality, artistic treatment (custom engraving, incrustation) and deluxe finishes.

All the rifles are selected for their accuracy and all the visible metal parts are carefully detail polished. Bolt carriers and triggers are chrome-plated and wood stock parts are made of walnut and oil polished.

Legion Tigr Mod 03

Tigr model 03 with the Monte Carlo style butt stock.

Legion Tigr

This rifle is owned in Russia and features custom Legion wood stocks and NPZ PSO-1M2 scope. The "HAND MADE" in English engraving is interesting. Since all guns are hand made the term must have a different connotation to Russians. A more accurate enscription might be "Assembled with greater care".

Russian Tigr

Another Legion Tigr owned in Russia and set up for high-accuracy target shooting.

Tigr marpat

Marpat Legion Tigr 7.62 in Russia. Note the S-1 bipod and chrome bolt carrier.

Legion accuracy certificate

Legion certificate of accuracy from the factory.

7.62x53 Izhmash Tigr

This Tigr chambered for 7.62x53 uses a cartridge designed in Finland. Many people assume 7.62x54R is the same thing as 7.62x53 and an internet search will turn up many discussions with that claim. However this may not be the case. This article states that 7.62x53R uses a .308 bullet and a shorter case. If so, it might be dangerous to use the wider and longer 7.62x54R in a rifle not chambered for it.

If you are unsure what to use, slugging the bore may help.

However, according to Barnaul Ammunition both calibers are the same:

"Out of all of the high powered cartridges, the 7.62x54R is one of the most popular in Russia.

Some hunters have been confused because there have been varying marking on the package, case bottom and stamps: 7.62x53: 7.62x53R: 7.62x54: 7.52x54R. This happened because the 53.72 mm case length was rounded off differently in various countries. After Russia became a member of the European Permanent Coordinated Commission, the final name - "7.62x54R" - of the cartridge was accepted. "

Dietmar tigr308

Dietmar's Tigr-308 in Germany.

Dietmar's Tiger

Dietmar Tigr

Pee Wee Tiger

PeeWee's Russian Tiger with aftermarket flash hider and sight hood.

Mack's Tiger

Mack M's Tiger (left) with wood military furniture and hooded front sight by Dragunov Parts USA.

Cedric's Tiger

Cedric's Tiger was imported directly from Izhmash with the long barrel.

Cedric's Tiger

Cedric's Tiger with flash hider. This Tiger was the first one allowed for import into New Zealand.

Hilljack's Tiger

Hilljack's Izhmash Tigr with Russian military stock set.

Joachim Tiger 308

This European model Tigr is in .308 and has a POSP 6x36 scope. The lucky owner is Joachim who lives in Belgium.

Standard Tigr

"Here's a before and after photo of my 1993 Tigr. I bought it in the fall of 2008 and spent the next four months tracking down the parts to make it look like it does in the pic."


Tiger as SVD

Tigr-308 and Saiga-308

Tigr-308 and Saiga .308 in Russia. Note right and left folding stocks.

Rick from Dragunov Parts USA owns this unfired custom Tiger.

Matthias' Tiger in Germany

Izhmash Tiger owned by Matthias from Bavaria Germany. Note the extra fancy buttstock.

combloc snieprs in Germany

Tiger rifles and Romanian PSL-style rifles modified to comply with German laws on military firearms. Note Romanian SSG-97 in .308 on the right.

German Tigers

Tigr owners in Germany prefer the wood stocks to the polymer.

Euro Tiger

Europeans can buy Tigers in various configurations and calibers. One type has a fancy variation of the thumbhole stock.

Euro Tiger

This configuration gives the shooter the much-needed cheek lift for proper eye-to-scope level.

Russian Tiger

The Tiger at left features the long barrel and flash hider, folding buttstock, and adjustable target grip. Note the Harris bipod adapter and lack of bayonet lug.

Tiger Accessories

These options are available from specialty shops in Russia.

Legion 7.62 Tiger.

Legion Tigr

Fancy Legion Monte Carlo butt stock made from walnut.

Izhmash Tigers

These Tigr models have a different trigger. It is bent further back to allow a proper finger placement when using this type of stock.

Tigr Monte Carlo stock

Another European Tiger variation. These are excellent harsh weather hunting rifles. Note shorter 5 round magazine.

Custom stock

A beautifully hand carved buttstock to make this Tiger California compliant.

Custom Tiger butt stock

The owner of this Tiger has made a very interesting custom adjustable stock. Many owners agree that the length of the standard stocks on these rifles are too short.

Custom wood stock with cheek pad

Custom butt stock made from the standard Tiger stock. This variation allows the use of the SVD leather cheek pad.

.300 WSM Tigr and scope

Russian owners of Tigr rifles squeeze the most accuracy they can out of the Dragunov platform.

.300 WSM tiger and scope

This Tigr is chambered in .300 Winchester Short Magnum. A custom aluminum scope mount ensures a stable platform.

300 WSM Tiger

Also features a custom floating hand guard and ergonomic butt stock.

Russian Tigr apart

The above Tigr with standard barrel removed.

Tiger with FN FAL flash hider

Tiger with a FN L1A1 flash hider installed.

Guncity supressed Tigr

Supressed Tiger available in New Zealand with a basic firearms license.

Tigr suppressor From Gun City NZ

The hand guard is generally not a good place to mount the bipod due to placing pressure on the barrel, but it looks cool.