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Tigr-308 video

Tigr-308 Izhmash

Izhmash Tigr-308

Izhmash Tigr-308 России Ижмаш Тигр

Tigr 308 from Gun City

Izhmash Tiger in 7,62x51 for the European market. Note the straight polymer ten round magazine and short SVDS flash hider. The long SVD flash hider is also available as an option, as well as no muzzle device at all.

The flash hider for the .308 model has a different sight base than the SVD type. This model also has the 2-setting adjustable gas regulator.

Gun City New Zealand Legion Tigr

A .308 Tigr offered by Guncity in New Zealand. Flash hiders are not allowed unless you have a special permit.


Gun City New Zealand

Gun City New Zealand

Izhmash Legion Tigr .308 NZ

Sam in NZ sent this email and photos regarding his Tigr-308:

"I'm a Dragunov owner myself here in NZ. I have a Special Edition Dragunov Tigr-308 made by Legion with POSP 4x24 M & PO 3-9x42 M scopes."

Legion Tigr .308 in New Zealand

"In case you're wondering, the differnce between the regular and special edition is laminated SVD style wood furniture and a polished chrome bolt carrier & trigger."

Leagion Tigr .308 receiver

Legion logo in white.

Legion Tigr .308 rear sight leaf

"Some other minor differences between my rifle and other Tigrs is it has a fully adjustable gas regulator and unlike other Tigr leaf sights I've seen which only have up to 300m it has the full ranges right up to 1200m. Apparently there were only 5 imported into NZ" -Sam

Tigr .308 gas tube

In New Zealand the Tigr is classified as a hunting rifle so no special permits are required to purchase one other than a firearms license. The firearms license is a bit of nuisance to obtain but once you have it you are good to go for 10 years. Basically the license requires safe storage, a short multi-choice test and interviews with a relative and non-relative so they can vouch for your sanity. They also do a police background check. The process takes about 2 months from beginning to end.

Tigr .308 muzzle flash hider

A flash hider on a semi-auto in New Zealand requires extra paperwork to approve a license.

This .308 flash hider has a unique sight base.

Legion Tigr bolt carrier

Polished chrome bolt carrier.

pso-1 reticle

The newer POSP-1 M has a range finder calibrated to 1.8 meters, an upgrade from the 1.7 meter height of older PSO military scopes. 1.8 meters is roughly 5 foot 9 inches, the average height of 21st century man.

Tigr-308 magazine well

Tigr-308 magazine is not compatible with Saiga, Vepr, or NDM-86.

Tigr-308 target

Tigr-308 factory test target.

Gunworks Supressor

Supressors are also legal in New Zealand for anyone who has a firearms license. This one is made by Gunworks.

.308 Tigr magazine

Polymer .308 Winchester magazine and steel 7.62x54R magazine. Both hold 10 cartridges.