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Legion USA - Russian parts and accessories for sale in the USA Legion USA - Russian AK and SVD parts and accessories.

Lynx Guns Accessories

Lynx Guns of Russia manufactures some really nice accessories for the Dragunov Tiger and SVD. Legion USA, the exclusive US distributor, was kind enough to send some for an evaluation.

Lynx guns izmash tigr

Heresy or practical improvement? You be the judge. One thing for sure, it's nice having a rifle that can be adjusted to fit your body.

Scope Mount

Lynx scope mount

Detachable side scope mount with a Weaver rail. Hex screw clamp base.

From the Lynx site:

Inclination ................................................30 MOA
The length of the Weaver rail................225 mm
Height above the receiver cover .........30 mm
Material ................................................. ..B-95 Aluminum
Weight: ................................................ ....280 gr (9.9 oz)

Lynx scope mount

This is a very robust side mount with a 1.5 to 2.0 mm rise from back to front.

This allows the user to adjust the scope elevation down more clicks than usual which gives more room to shoot at long distances.

Lynx dragunov scope mount
Height from SVD cheek pad to eye piece is about 2.5" or 6.5 mm. The other feature that I like on this Lynx scope mount is the high quality hex screws that tighten the lower clamp to the rail. The hex screws are metric so make sure you have the proper hex key wrench (one is not provided). Being able to tighten the mount with screws makes it very solid on the rail and there is enough space between the mount and the receiver cover to allow enough clearance to field strip your rifle without removing the scope mount.

Lynx scope mount sentered over bore
The mount puts the optic directly centered over the bore.

With the mount installed the scope will be high enough that a cheek pad will be necessary.

Lynxh accessories

The mount itself has some unique features, one of which is a hex nut on the side used to adjust windage of the mount. The screw passes through the mount and rests against the receiver rail which also acts as a stop to keep the mount from sliding forward on the dovetail rail.

Lynx Izhmash Tigr

A clear advantage this mount has over the standard PSO-1 scope is the amount of gripping surface the clamp has. The PSO-1 scope mount contact area is very short (see silver aluminum block above). The Lynx mount has about 5 times the gripping area on the Dragunov dovetail rail which means it will not move even under heavy recoil.

Bipod Adapter

Lynx bipod adapter

Material is B95 aluminum, total weight is 240 grams (8.5 oz). Allows installation of either the Harris type bipod using a sling stud or a weaver rail mount.

Lynxh bipod adapter

Weaver rail is removable and there are three mounting spots for the sling stud. Adapter clamp is robust and the halves join tightly together with no slop. All hex screws are metric.

Lynx bipod

There is no contact between the hand guards and bipod adapter. The hole on the sides of the clamp seem to be there to lower the weight. They are the perfect size for a push-button sling stud but will not actually work since there is no step machined inside to lock a stud in place.

AR-15 Butt Stock Adapter

Lynx Guns butt stock adapter

The butt stock adapter is machined as one piece of B-95 aluminum and is very solid. The Legion USA web site makes reference to "military spec" but this is not related to the actual diameter of the stock tube. In case you are not from the AR world, there are two types of receiver extensions (a.k.a. buffer tubes), commercial and milspec. One is not better than the other, there is only a difference in size and number of adjustment holes. The Lynx stock tube is patterened after the commercial AR tube, which allows a longer maximum length of pull. The diamter of the tube on my sample measures 1.5".

Lynx butt stock adapter tube

Adapter tube is permanently attached to the receiver adapter section. The grip mount accepts any AK style grip and does not need the original T nut that is used on the Kalashnikov receiver. It would be better if the adapter could use AR-15 grips since here in the US there are a wide variety of grips available in that pattern. But there are a few different options for AK grips on the market that have good ergonomics.

(from the Lynx web site)

Lynx butt stock adapter holes

Installation is easy once you get your original screws out. You will note only the original grip screw hole lines up in this stock adapter.

Lynx butt stock adapter holes

The screw that mounts from inside the receiver will not fit. The hole that you see above in the aluminum adapter is actually for the AK grip, not the receiver. So this adapter will only be held to the receiver by one screw, the one that goes up from the bottom.

Lynx buttstock adapter

Lynx includes a shorter screw with slotted head to replace your original long grip screw. (Note: the adapter is not blemished, the splotches you see are the Frog Lube that I used to lubricate the stock tube. One of the commercial stocks I tried to fit was too tight to slide all the way on, but the Magpul ACS-L shown here fits perfectly).

Lynx Magpul adapter

Lynx Magpul ACS-L
Magpul ACS-L™ butt stock with extended 0.70" rubber recoil pad. MFT Engage™ AK grip.


Lynx izhmash tiger

Having an adjustable butt stock and ergonimic grip on the Tiger made shooting much more comfortable, especially with a nice thick rubber recoil absorbing pad while shooting 200 grain Match Extra 7.62x54R ammunition.

SVDS to AK Grip Adapter Plate

Lynx SVDS adapter plateLynx adapter plate SVDS

This is an adpater plate that can allow people who have a Tiger or SVDS with a folding stock to mount any AK Kalashnikov grip design. Since only a handful SVDS type of rifles exist in the US, the market for this plate will be very limited.

Lynx girl
(photo from Lynx web site)

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