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18 Round Mag


SVD Magazines

Russian 3 round, 5 round, 10 round, 20 round magazines in 7.62x54R. These magazines fit in the Russian and Chinese Dragunov rifles.

Tigr magazines

The 7.62x54R magazine has a curved body because the cartridge case has a gradual slope and a rimmed base. These types of cartridges will only feed from a curved magazine. The .308 cartridge, on the other hand, has flatter sides which feeds very well from a straight box-type magazine body.

SVD magazines

The 20 round 7.62x54R magazine is for the SVU-A bullpup sniper rifle and are very rare, even in Russia. Only a handful exist in the US.

SVD magazine 20 rounder

The SVU-A sniper rifle has a full auto setting so a larger magazine was needed for a higher volume of fire.

Russian SVD mags 20 rounds

20 round magazine interhunt

This magazine was offered for sale on an online auction site by user "interhunt".

Chinese NDM-86 magazine

In comparing magazines from the Russian 7.62x54R version (on right) with the Chinese .308 version you can see there are several differences. The bottom of the rear end tabs hook under the magazine release lever on the SVDs receiver. Note the Russian tab design is taller.

SVD Magazine locking tab

Front tabs in profile. The Russian magazine has a curved body because that is the only way to feed a rimmed cartridge reliably.

From the bottom you can see the most dramatic design difference. The Russian magazine body has a hexagonal shape which is tapered at the front. The magazine well on the Russian SVD receiver is similarly shaped. The Chinese .308 NDM-86 magazine is a more traditional box-type design with straight sides and a receiver magazine well to match. These magazines are in no way interchangeable. However the bottom base plate is interchangeable between the Russian SVD and Romanian PSL magazines in 7.62x54R.

The followers are very different as well as the feed lips over the rear of the opening. The Russian magazine must be loaded by inserting the cartridge just forward of the rear of the mag and pushing back. The Chinese .308 magazine is loaded in the traditional manner of pushing the cartridge straight down into the body of the magazine.

хамелеон СВД снайперская

Chamelion SVD VestChamelion SVD Vest back

Russian "Chameleon" sniper vest. Holds 2 magazines per pouch (ten total) plus a middle accessory pouch for flares, etc.

Beez Combat Systems SVD vest

Beez Combat Systems SVD magazine pouch. This model has an open top on each pouch with a retaining cord.