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Russian SVU

Russian SVU and OTS-03 - Full Auto Dragunov Bullpup Sniper СВУ СВУ-АС ОЦ-03

SVU rifle

7.62 mm Izhmash SVU SVU-A SVU-AS

Izhmash factory arsenal logo

Caliber: 7.62mm x 54r

Operation: gas

Locking: rotating bolt

Feed: 10-round box magazine (20 -SVU-A)

Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s

Rate of fire: 30 rds/min (650rds/min SVU-A)

Firing mode: single shot semi-auto
Sights: fore, post; rear,apurture; adjustable 0 to 1200 m; Scope: 4x24 PSO-1M2

Weapon length: 870 mm

Weapon Height: 230 mm

Weapon Width: 88 mm

Barrel Length: 520 mm

Weight w/ scope unloaded: 4.4 kg

Scope: 0.575kg

Russian SVU

Bullpup version of the Izhmash SVD

In 1975 the need arose to have a much shorter designated marksman rifle based on the SVD that would easily fit in cars and APCs. Using the British EM-2 rifle as inspiration L.V. Bondarev, working for the Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Guns, TSKIB SOO Tula (Центральное конструкторское исследовательское бюро спортивно-охотничьего оружия ЦКИБ СОО) , designed a modified version of the SVD rifle into a bullpup configuration called the OC-03 (ОЦ-03). This abbreviated version of the Dragunov rifle was found to be difficult to shoot comfortably with such a short barrel. Ultimately it was not accepted for development.

In 1991 the OC-03 was resurrected at the request of the Russian Interior Ministry who asked for the added features of a silencer and flash hider added to the barrel to aid in accuracy and concealment. By 1993 after extensive testing the OTS-03 was created . "OTS" translates in Russian to "Obrazets TsKIB" — product of the TsKIB.

In 1995 certain customers from the Interior Ministry asked for a version of the OTS-03 that was capable of burst fire. This new rifle was called the OTS-03A or SVU-A (Sniper Rifle Short - Automatic). The automatic feature was to be used in emergencies only. The barrel was also shortened by 100mm for even better balance and more maneuverability.The sound suppressor silencer is designed with a muzzle brake that helps control the rifle on full-auto. Another variation of this rifle is the SVU-AS (OTS-O3AS) which has a bipod.

Russian OC-03 sniper rifle

OC-03 sniper rifle. This is a semi-auto only version. The latest OC-03 has a scope rail on top of the hand guards and no iron sights. The bipod mounts to a rail under the hand guards.

OC-03 bullpup sniper rifle

7,62мм снайперская винтовка ОЦ-03 OC 03. Optics are also mounted on top of the hand guards or on the side rail.

OC-03 dragunov sniper rifle

OC-03 sniper rifle with bipod that is clamped on to the hand guards. The barrel is longer than the SVU-A giving accuracy as good as the SVD..

SVU-A sniper rifle

SVU-A full auto sniper rifle. It features a short barrel, folding iron sights, and a side rail to mount the scope. No bipod on this version.

SVU-A sniper rifle detail

SVU-A selector settings. Safe, Auto, Semi.

SVU rifle

SVU rifle with PSO-1 scope. Expected accuracy for this version is 8cm (about 3 inches) at 50 meters with standard ammunition.

SVU no scope

The trigger bar connecting rod is visible along this side of the receiver. There is no easy way to connect the forward mounted trigger to the hammer and sear at the rear.

SVU rifle

The butt stock has spring tension against the rear of the receiver and will absorb some recoil.

SVU no optics

SVU night vision

SVU with 1PN93-3 night vision optic. The bipod extends far forward of the receiver giving a steady platform for prone shooting.

SVU safety

The SVU has a second safety lever outside the trigger housing which can be used with the trigger finger.

SVU sniper rifle scope mount

SVU scope mount plate on side of barrel. SVD hand guards are modified to fit around the rail. Photos by "Photoshooter" Karden.

SVU rear sight

Rear SVU iron sight flips up or down and is adjustable for elevation (range) only.

SVU threaded muzzle

SVU muzzle threads and folding front sight.

SVU silencer interior

SVU three-chambered silencer opening. This supressor is not intended to completely silence the rifle since the soldier would not be using subsonic ammunition. Its main purpose is to quiet and diffuse the noise enough to make detection by the enemy difficult.

SVU muzzle brake

SVU muzzle brake on end of silencer is capable of reducing recoil by about 40%.

On May 6, 2013 Izhmash released details of their updated bullpup Dragunov design called the VS-121.

VS-121 bullpup

This rifle appears to have a free floated hand guard with a heavy barrel with threaded muzzle.

VS-121 receiver

"BC-121" is translates to VS-121.

VS-121 2003

VS-121 designer

The designer of the VS-121 rifle holding a press conference on the release of this newest bullpup design.