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AR stocks for the SVD

Stock Options for your Dragunov and PSL

Izhmash catalog

Izhmash catalog showing optional stocks for Tigr rifles.

The Dragunov stock was designed to be both lightweight and rigid while also being comfortable. The butt stock is a "thumbhole" style which allows a pistol-type grip while aiming which mimics the position of the Kalashnikov grip but adds strength to the buttstock/receiver mating surface. For best accuracy, the butt stock must be firmly attached to the receiver with no wobble.

SVD wooden stock set

Hand Guards retaining plate

Because the hand guards are not free floating, some shooters believe pressure on them will influence the harmonics of the barrel and interfere with accuracy. To avoid this problem the rifle is supported using the non-dominant hand holding the magazine.

Retaining plate lever

The lever (between the barrel and the wood) releases the retaining plate that holds the handguards in place. If the handguards are loose on the rifle it may cause accuracy to suffer.

Hand Guardshand guards from the inside

The handguards are a very complex design made with carefully shaped laminated wood. This would be an expensive part to manufacture in small quantities.

Bottom of hand guards

The handguards have two vent holes on the bottom as well as six on each side. Early versions of these have three vent holes per side.

NDM-86 cheek padNDM-86 cheek pad

The cheek pad is wrapped in soft leather and is detachable. It must be removed for shooting with the iron sights. Newer Russian versions have a plastic base instead of the laminated wood.

NDM pistol grip cap

Bakelite cap on grip. Remove it to get access to the bolt that holds the buttstock to the receiver. Pictured is a Chinese cap. The Russian version is darker, almost purple.

Tiger butt

Standard US imported Tiger with commercial thumbhole butt stock and rubber recoil pad.

Tiger hand guards

Hand guards are plastic and non-vented on the Tiger.

NDM-86 with polymer stock set

After years of producing SVDs with laminated wood stocks that would degrade from exposure to wet environments, Izhmash modernized the SVD with a few changes that included a new stock design. This stock is made from thermoplastic elastomers that resist cracking under extreme heat and cold.

SVD polymer grip offset

The benefits of fitting your Dragunov with the modern polymer stocks are very clear. Ergonomics are improved, with the pistol grip having a right-handed cant for greater gripping comfort.

SVD Handguards

The handguards are also improved with a ribbed surface giving more positive grip when wet and when wearing gloves. These ribs are needed when seated in a transport vehicle (helicopter or land vehicle) so the user can rest the SVD on its buttplate and hold the rifle upright by the handguard.

Dragunov butt stock polymer

A very nice feature is the non-removable cheek pad that is able to rotate out of the way for running a cleaning rod down the barrel or for using the iron sights.

SVD buttstock with cheek pad down

Cheek pad rotated down. The buttplate is both larger in surface area and sits higher to absorb recoil more effectively. A drawback to the raised butt plate is the inability to bore sight the rifle. There is no way to see down the bore from the chamber with this buttstock.

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The polymer stock will fit any Dragunov design with no modifications needed. These run about $110 in Russia for the set. Many Tiger owners have found installation will restore a more agressive military look to what is essentially a hunting rifle.

Aftermarket stocks

SVD butt stock adjustable butt plate

Fixed butt stock with adjustable butt plate. This feature gives greater comfort when shooting prone.

Polymer adjustable butt stock

Aftermarket fully adjustable butt stock.

SVD butt stock

Butt stock zas

Wood custom butt stock dragunov tiger

Custom wood butt stock and hand guards on a Tigr built in 2005.

Tigr wood thumbhole stock

Tigr wood thumbhole stock

Tigr rifle with custom thumbhole stock

Tigr butt stock

This version has an adjustable butt plate and grip cap.

Tigr butt stock adjustable butt p[late

Tigr 9 with inletted stock

This custom decorated butt stock is on a Izhmash Tigr-9 in 9.3x64mm.

Tigr 9 wood custom stock

Legion Tigr wood butt stock

Monte Carlo butt stock izhmash tigr

Standard Monte Carlo style butt stock measures 37mm in length, 29.5mm from grip to butt, 13mm in height.

Tigr rifle magpul

Tiger with adapter allowing AR stock parts.

SVDS kit

SVDS folding stock kit with bipod and short flash hider.

SVD and Tigr accessories

Aftermarket options available in Russia for SVD and Tiger rifle.

Russian Tigr folding stock

This Tigr in Russia has a folding butt stock that also has an adjustable butt plate. Rare laminated wood pistol grip is also installed.

Laminated wood SVDS grip

Russian laminated pistol grip for the Tigr with folding stock.

SVDS Tigr straight pull in UK

Straight pull Tigr SVDS with laminated pistol grip and folding butt stock. This rifle is owned in the UK by Richard E.

UK Tigr laminated pistol grip