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PDI SVD airsoft

PDI gas-operated Japanese copy of the Dragunov SVD. These are airsoft guns which fire a gas-charged plastic BB. External gas supplied via a tube running from bottom of the pistol grip.

Airsoft PSI SVD

If you're thinking, "Maybe I can buy cheap airsoft parts for my real Dragunov" do yourself a favor and resist that temptation. Most airsoft parts are made of plastic or non-milspec metal that may not be safe to use on a real firearm.

PDI receiver

PDI airsoft receiver

King Arms Dragunov SVD
- Spring powered
- Full Metal Construction
- Magazine capacity is 25 rounds of 6mm BB
- Non-laminated wood hand-guard and stock.
- Metal constructed outer barrel over 590mm inner barrel

May be discontinued by the factory.

Redwolf Airsoft SVD

The G&P SVD Dragunov is an authentic replica of the original Russian-made gun, with a metal construction and real wood stock. The Dragunov feels great in the hands, and the weighty, solid construction screams quality and power. The capacity of the magazine is 30 rounds, and, using Top Gas, can propel the BB at 430fps. Length is 1220mm and the weight 3400g, the gun features gas blowback.

These cost about twice the price of the King Arms model.

Redwolf Airsoft SVD

Real Sword SVD

Real Sword SVD airsoft