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Russian and Chinese Bipods for the Dragunov Receiver

Tiger with S1 bipod

Prodiz SDA-C101 bipod

Russian SVD bipodсошки Снайпер АДС-С101 и

Some Dragunov owners may not realize there is a bipod that is specifically designed just for their rifle. The bipod is not made by Izhmash (the SVD factory) but is a commercial product for SVD and Tigr owners. This is the Russian bipod SDA-C101 made by Prodiz that is designed just for the Dragunov receiver and requires zero modifications to your rifle. Note that this bipod will only fit Russian or Chinese Dragunov receivers, not Romanian PSLs. Продиз АСД С101.

Bipod installation

Attaching this cast metal bipod is pretty easy, just place the clamp in the recess on either side of the receiver, and tighten the screw.

сошки Снайпер АДС-С101 и

The Prodiz bipod is held securely in place, though there is some slight lateral movement. When not in use, the legs fold forward towards the muzzle.

Bipod at the range

The bipod feet are a very hard and durable rubber, great for securing on a slick surface like the hood of a car. They extend from 5 to 7.5 inches (12.7 to 19 cm).

Dimensions in the folded position 190 mm ​​x 90 mm ​​x 70 mm.
The height of the barrel under the support surface 218 - 273 mm.
Weight 475 g.

Perhaps the most important benefit of having the bipod is how it can actually improve your accuracy. By not having to rest the rifle on its barrel or even its handguards, the barrel harmonics are not disturbed and shots will be more consistent.

Russian Versus Chinese Bipods


There is an alternative bipod option available for Russian and Chinese Dragunov owners. I got mine in yesterday straight from Hong Kong, and to sum up my opinion, it's as good as the Russian version. The Hexagon Production bipod is marketed for Airsoft players not to real Dragunov owners. With that in mind, the bipod is very well made of all steel construction with rubber feet. They both weigh the same (about 1.2 pounds) with not a single piece of plastic on either.

Bipod feet

The Chinese metal is better finished (the Chinese version is the matte black, the Russian is the glossy black) but the welds are not as clean at the bipod "feet". They are both made of cast metal.

Bipod legs

The legs extend to the same length on both (from 5 inches to 7.5 inches). The spring that pops the legs apart is much stronger on the Russian version, meaning it takes more of an effort to squeeze them closed.

When you pull the spring-loaded plunger to extend the legs, the Russian legs will extend and stop at its longest position, the Chinese version's legs will drop off the end of the bipod because there is no catch to limit their extention beyong maximum (a design flaw).

Bipod clamps

The receiver clamps are slightly rounded on the Russian version but they are both the same size. The Russian version has a cut-out on the rear of the left side clamp while the Chinese version has the cut on the middle of both clamps. (My Russian bipod is from the 1990s so newer Russian bipods may be slighly different).

Bipod rivets

The tightening screws are different but operate the same. The Chinese version of the outer screw is checkered, the Russian one is smooth. The inner screw on the Russian version has a flat-head screw driver slot while the Chinese bipod is a hex bolt. No instructions are provided but it's a pretty straight-forward job to mount it. Note the rivets on the legs.

We used to be able to buy the Russian bipod for less than $100 in the early 90's. Now they are listed between $200 and $300 on auction sites but cost about $140 in Russia. We've seen a few sell as high as $600 during the 2008 election craze. This Hexagon Productions bipod lists for $45.

сошки Снайпер АДС-С101

Izhmash S-1 bipod

bipod svds

In Russia there is a new style of bipod that is designed by Izhmash specifically for the Dragunov rifle.

bipod attachment

The S-1 Bipod is very expensive in Russia and its complicated design makes it far more rigid than the aftermarket bipods mentioned above.

bipod retracted

Production of these at Izhmash is very infrequent since they are concentrating a lot of effort on the SV-98 sniper rifle.

bipod profile

So far only a handful of these have been imported to the US. These used to sell for $250 in Russia but the value has risen significantly due to its scarcity.

S1 Bipods

SVD bipod

Experimental bipod from a SVD modernization project.

Harris bipod adapter

Many shooters in Russia have found ways to mount a Harris bipod using various types of home-built adapters.

Bipod bracket photo by Matros Koshka

SVD bipod bracket

harris bipod bracket

Russian Tigr bipod

These plastic aramid hand guards by OAO SKBTR (СКБТР) have a picatinny rail underneath for mounting bipods or other accessories.

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