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Izhmash SVD in Italy

Norinco NDM-86 , Izhmash Tiger, and SVD Dragunov Owner's Gallery

Docxylo's collection

Docxylo's collection in Texas.

Paul's NDM

Deer harvested with NDM-86 in 7.62X54R, and Norma 180 grain soft point.

Dave's Dragunovs

Dave's Dragunov duo. NDM-86 in 7.62 NATO top and the bottom rifle is an Izhmash Tiger with polymer stock set..

 NDM-86 with Russian bipod

Andrew's Chinese NDM 86 in 7.62x51 and Russian bipod.

7.62NATO NDM-86

Blake's Custom Creation NDM-86

Blake's Custom Gunsmithing outside Las Vegas created this Norinco NDM-86.

Custom NDM-86 butt stock

Blake's gunsmithing custom NDM-86

Dawg's NDM's

Tactical Dawg's (above and below) beginning signs of 7.62 NATO addiction.

Dawg's NDM86's

NDM-86 hunting boar

D. Troy's .308 NDM-86 in action: "I’ve hunted with mine for two seasons and it is extremely accurate and functional on Wild Boar.
I’ve found the gun shoots .5 MOA with 168gr Winchester Ballistic Silver Tips, a great hunting load"

Hilljack's NDM86 and POSP

Hilljack's NDM-86 in 7.62 NATO with 8x42 POSP.

Hilljack's Tiger and NDM86

Hilljack's Chinese .308 NDM-86 and Russian 7.62x54r Izhmash Tiger with polymer stock and 6x42 POSP scope.

Chinese Norinco NDM 86 7.62x51

Hilljack's 7.62x51 NDM-86 with Russian military stock set and aftermarket scope.

Tiger in Spain

From a Spanish Izhmash Tigr owner in the Burgos region:

"I purchased a Tigr in Spain in 7,62x54R, with a 620mm long barrel. The price was 1.185€ in new condition
never fired except by the factory checking. Without including Police taxes (about 35 €).
The ammo box of 20 costs 21 € plus transport costs for PRVI Partizan 180 grains"

The boar was taken at 90 meters with this ammunition and 6x42 POSP.

"Just in case you want to take a look to my medieval village and surrounding area, you can find photos
and a virtual tour at, and some more photos of the mountains where we go hunting at

Boar in Spain

2012 update:

boar hunt spain

This animal was taken down at about 70 meters of distance, but instead of my POSP scope, this time I used a red dot (visible in the pic). This is a rather big animal, I expect it to be silver medal. It was hunted in what we call the "Montería" way in very difficult weather conditions with specially trained dogs.

John M NDM86

John M's NDM86 in .308 from Dallas TX.

John's NDM86

From John in Texas. NATO NDM-86 and his "getaway gun".

Mizar and NDM-86

2 year old Mizar with a Chinese NDM-86 in 7.62x54r. She and her father live in Italy where he bought this rifle.
This Norinco has a KSI Pamona California import marking and was exported from the US to an Italian gun store.

Mizar, now 14, and her little brother Ricardo, 7, with their daddy's NDM-86 and M91/30.

Willy P rifles

Sniper collection owned by Willy P. Early ROMAK-3 military contract gun, Serbian Zastava M-76 in 8mm,
Russian SVD imported by KBI, Chinese NDM-86 in 7.62 NATO. More of his collection can be viewed here.

Frenchy's dragunovs

A few of Frenchy's goodies. For more of his collection click here.