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Russian 1PN58 Night Vision Device 1ПН58

SVD 1PN58 scope

НСПУМ. Ночной Стрелковый Прицел Унифицированный Модернизированный – NSPUM. Night Small-arms Scope Unified Modernized

1PN58 night vision scope

Technical data


Maximum range to identify armor - 600 meters
Maximum range to identify soldiers - 400 meters
Magnification power - 3.5x
Angular field in the space of the subject in the horizontal plane - 5° degrees
Angular field in the space of a subject in a vertical plane - 4° degrees
Eye Relief - 50 mm
The diameter of the exit pupil - 5 mm
The range of adjustment for height the line of sight - ± 0-08
The range of adjustment in the direction of the line of sight - ± 0-08
Power Supply IC - 5 Battery D-0, -55:
Voltage supply - 6.25 v
The current consumed under normal climatic conditions - 7 mA
Operating time of battery life after full charge - 6 hours.
The number of allowable charge-discharge cycles on the battery - 200
Dimensions of scope
Length - 458 mm
Height - 186 mm
Width - 99 mm
Dimensions of carrying case
Length - 500 mm
Height - 215 mm
Width - 165 mm
Weight of sight in firing position - 2 kg
Weight of sight in the stowed position - 3.3 kg
Weight in carrying case with a single ISP - 7.3 kg

The Russian 1PN58 NSPUM scope is a "first generation" night vision optic that is an improved version of the 1PN-34 NSPU. Designed to be mounted on the standard Russian dovetail optics rail. This scope has an illuminated reticle powered by an LED rather than a bulb which is found on the earlier 1PN34.

SVD with 1PN58 scope

The scope mounts very high on the rifle and requires more of a "chin weld" to align your eye with the eyepiece. It is a heavy and akward scope but it works well for its purposes.

1PN58 night vision scope case


Steel transport case and battery charger unit.

British soldier with 1PN58 scope on AK74

1PN58 scope cams

Full kit comes with extra battery, 7 turret ranging cams calibrated for use on different rifles, tools, etc.

1PN58 scope reticle at night

Blurry image is typical of this generation of night vision technology.

1PN58 night vision scope cap filter

1pn58 scope filter off

Daytime filter removed.

1PN58 on Russian SVD

WillyP Russian SVD with 1PN58.

Russian SVD Izhmash with 1pn58 scope

1P58 battery charger

Battery charging unit transport case.

1P58 battery case

Battery charger unit. This plugs into an electrical source to charge the battery. Switch to 12v for car battery or 27v for military vehicle battery.

1P58 battery charger

Home made battery charger converts AC to 12v DC.