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1P59 scope

1P59 3-10x40mm variable power scope.

This is the cutting edge of Russian daylight sniper scopes.


Visible magnification, power: 3-10 
Field of view, angle degrees:  7.6-2.5
Resolution limit, angle. s for magnification of 10x:  6
for magnification of 3x:  20
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 10-4
Eye-relief of exit pupil, mm: 70
Light diameter of lens, mm:  40
Dimensions with eye-shade and hood, mm: 410 
Weight with mount, kg: 1.2
Operating temperature range of environment: from -50° up to +50°C 
Power supply for reticle bulb: Lithium element of the ER6S type

The 1P59 sight is intended for carrying out aimed fire from the Dragunov sniper's rifle. The optical sight provides identification of a target and its distance from the shooter while automatically setting the aiming angles. This type of scope allows aimed fire when having the visible magnification of 3x-10x in the daytime, twilight and at night. 

1P59 Giperon

Прицел снайперский 1П59 предназначен для ведения прицельной стрельбы из СВД (Sniper scope 1P59 for SVD rifle)

1P59 scope


SPP (СПП, Snaiperskii Pritsel Pulemyotnii - Machine Gun Sniper scope)

SPP scope kit

It is designed to fit on tripod-mounted heavy machine guns 12.7 / 14.5mm etc. It is a daylight sight only and can in some instances be seen fitted to tank-mounted heavy machine guns.

снайперский пулеметный прицел СПП (10П50)

SPP on Kord heavy machine gun

SPP on Kord heavy machine gun.

It has variable magnification from 3x-6x power. The illuminated reticle also features a rangefinder but no hold-over aiming chevrons for elevation. This version is designed for the Tigr, SVD and Vepr. Its illuminated reticle is powered by a 1.5v AA battery.

SPP scope reticle

NPZ 1PN93-3

1PN93 Night Vision Scope for SVD

Night vision (3rd generation intensifier) rifle scope with an SVD rail mount.

NPZ 1PN100 night vision device

1PN100 Night Vision


NSP-2 on SVD

Early night vision scope with InfraRed illuminator on top and battery cable.

NSP-2 Night Vision

Cable leads to a large external battery that was carried in a backpack rucksack.

Russian PSO-1U

PSO-1U scope

This scope has the IR detection screen and universal mount. From it is described as:

"The PSO-1U (U - stands for "unifitsirovanny" - Russian for "unified"). Since the early of 1970's until the mid-1980's there was the production of scopes for the SVD and for grenade launchers at IZHMASH. The PSO-1U is a modernised version of the PSO-1 scope. The modernised version was developed at IZHMASH and it was intented for use with the Dragunov sniper rifles, the Kalashnikov assault rifles, light and GP MGs as the day scope.
A small quantity was produced at IZHMASH (the arrow in triangle is the old IZHMASH trade mark for military weapons), probably at the first half of the 1980s."

Tochpribor Рысь "Lynx" 7x29mm

  tochpribor lynx scope
(photo by PRegner)

GEORGEspb on wrote:

"РЫСЬ" (translates as "lynx" or "bobcat") is a commercial line of aftermarket scopes.They are made at the Tochpribor company that was a research facility for the Novosibirsk optics factory. This brand not much known about or popular even in Russia.

tochpribor scope

They have an illuminated reticle specially calibrated for the Tiger rifle. The range finder is width-based and can be used on targets out to 1100 meters.

Tiger reticle