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Russian SVD Cutaway Training Rifle

svd cutout

This was posted on a web forum by member rayman1 while in Iraq:

"Yesterday I found a Russian Dragunov SVD cut-away training rifle. It's Russian, dated 1984, with the brown laminated wood, all the parts. It's been cut-away in various parts of the rifle with the borders of the cuts highlighted in red paint to show the workings of the rifle for training."

It appears to be assembled from non-matching parts and has an Iraqi Al-kadesiah receiver cover and plastic grip cap. This training rifle could not be fired, of course.

svd buttstock with Iraqi Al Kadesiah red grip cap

SVD cutout with Al Kadesiah receiver cover

The receiver cover is from an Iraqi Al-Kadesiah rifle.

SVD rear sight

SVD adjustable gas system

SVD cutaway barrel

SVD cutaway flash hider

SVD cutaway

SVD cutaway

 SVD cutaway showing trigger and hammer function

SVD cutaway showing bolt locking mechanism

SVD cutaway

SVD cutaway gas system

SVD cutaway showing chrome bore and rifling

SVD cutaway receiver

SVD cutaway

SVD cutaway receiver

SVD cutaway receiver

SVD cutaway parts

SVD cutaway rear sight leaf

SVD cutaway trigger