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Gun advertisements found in magazines. Click each image for hi-res version.

Arsenal Kalashnikov

Arsenal Inc of Bulgaria SLR-106FR in 5.56x45mm. Arsenal has a factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ad is from 2007.

Larue Iron Dot

LaRue Tactical AK Iron Dot mount for rear sight. This allowed a mini red dot sight to be cowitnessed with the sight leaf. This was a great idea that has been discontinued. Mount included a red dot sight and iron sight leaf that replaced standard AKM rear sight. Ad is from February 2009.

Beretta MR1 - Click to Enlarge

Benelli offers an interesting semi-auto rifle in 5.56x45 that uses M16 magazines. The MR1 looks to have a limited ability for customization due to a non-adjustable butt stock and short accessory rails.

Beretta M9

Beretta has been providing the US military with the M9 service pistol for 25 years as of 2010 when this ad came out. The M9 is a large pistol in 9x19mm and the M9A1 is the same pistol but with an accessory rail.

Stoeger Cougar

Beretta attemped to make a more ergonomic and more accurate model 92 by introducing the 8000 Cougar. Sales and manufacturing have now been transferred to the Turkish company Stoeger which dropped the "8000" and simply calls it the Cougar. This ad is from August 2011.

FN 5.7

If you like the tiny but fast 5.7x28 cartridge you might like the FN five seven pistol. This controversial pistol is often threatened with various bans due to the belief that the cartridge can pierce police body armor. This ad is from April 2007.

Glock 4th Generation

In 2010 the fourth generation of Glock pistols was announced. The 9x19 mm model 17 is featured in this ad from September of that year. The changes are three interchangeable backstraps, a reversible magazine release button, improved dual recoil spring assembly, and RTF rough textured frame to increase grip traction.


LWRC Inc used to be known as Leitner-Wise Rifle Company and is based in Cambridge, Maryland. Known for their Short Stroke Gas Piston system, they manufacture the M6A2 M6A4 and LWRC SABRE Sniper rifle. This February 2009 ad seems to be announcing their gas piston design without mentioning their actual product names or variations.

Remington ACR Adaptive Combat Rifle

Before Bushmaster took over production of the Adaptive Combat Rifle from Magpul (called at the time the "Masada") Remington had plans to market the rifle under their name. It was rumored that Remington had more connections within the US military (compared to Bushmaster) and would be able to market the ACR for military contracts. Instead Bushmaster, which is owned by the same company that owns Remington, took on manufacturing and marketing of the ACR. This ad is from October 2010.

Springfield M1A Standard

Springfield Armory M1A rifle in 7.26 NATO. One of the few American semi-auto centerfire rifles you can still buy with a wooden stock. Springfield Ad is from October 2010. According to a post on "Since the mid-1980s, Springfield Armory, Inc. has used parts made overseas in the assembly of its M1A rifles here in the US. Foreign sources have included commercial parts made by Wayne Machine in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Republic of Korea, as well as USGI M14 parts imported back into the United States from Israel. M1A receivers were cast in Canada for about a year, 2003 to 2004. "

Springfield Model 1911-A1 Range Officer

Springfield Armory makes a variety of 1911 pistols. This ad from January 2011 is for their RO Range Officer which is meant to be a more affordable competition pistol. The RO is sort of a stripped down TRP, built with the same specifications and quality but with fewer extra features.

Springfield XD-M .45

People eagerly awaited the release of the XD(M) in .45ACP. The M stands for "More". The XD series of pistols are manufactured by HS Produkt in Karlovac Croatia and the newest M series features interchangeable backstraps, a match grade barrel, and magazines that hold 13 rounds of .45 caliber cartridges. This ad is from August 2010.

Springfield XD-M Compact

To add flexibility to their line of XD(M) pistols, Springfield Armory markets their Compact model with a longer magazine that holds more rounds of ammunition. The idea being you would use the short magazines to keep the pistol small enough to be concealed easily, and the longer one to be used at home when size is less important. This ad is from March 2011.

Smith Wesson M&P Pistol

Smith & Wesson's Military and Police line of firearms have gained a loyal following in law enforcement, as this September 2010 ad suggests with the display of police departments that have adopted the M&P as their service pistol. The reality of how a police department chooses a pistol is less about absolute superiority. Several criteria need to be met, among them durability and reliability, but also other factors such as overall cost, parts support, and trade-in credits for prevously issued pistols often play a roll in the decision.

Smith Wesson M&P Carry Kit

This Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is being marketed to non-military or police users in this January 2011 ad. S&W is offering a "Carry and Range Kit" complete with Kydex Blade-Tech holster and magazine pouch, Maglula Uplula speed loader for loading magazines with ease, extra standard capacity magazines (3 total), and ear plugs.

Smith Wesson M&P15-22

For affordable shooting in an AR-15 type of rifle Smith & Wesson sells their M&P15-22 in .22lr. This August 2010 ad claims you will get an adrenaline rush plinking with this rimfire semi-auto rifle. The M&P15-22 uses a proprietary plastic lower and upper receiver and is not compatible with centerfire uppers. The 10 or 25 round magazines are also proprietary and not compatible with rimfire magazines for other AR style rifles. However pistols grips and buttstocks from an AR-15 can be used, as well as most aftermarket sights.

Ruger Compact Pistols

With the growing popularity of concealed carry Ruger came out with a series of light-weight compact pistols that utilize a lot of plastic. This July 2010 ad features their main line of carry pistols including the 9x19 SR9c, the smaller .380 LCP, and the LCR revolver. Though the center of the ad displays awards for 2008 and 2009 Handgun of the Year, at the bottom is a prominent announcement of a recall on the LCP pistol. The recall is for a problem with the pistol discharging when dropped. People returning their LCP to Ruger would get a new hammer which eliminated the problem and they would throw in a gift of a grip spacer that allows the use of longer magazines if desired.

Ruger Compact Pistols

This October 2010 Ruger ad is similar to the one above but they have now added additional awards for the 2010 Handgun of the Year from American Rifleman and Shooting Illustrated. Also mentioned is the LCR revolver in .357 Magnum. If you own a Keltec P-3AT you will notice a striking similarity between it and the Ruger LCP. The LCP recall, started in October 2008, is still being advertised in this ad.

Sig Sauer P250

Sig Sauer tried to increase the sales of their polymer P250 pistol by offering a "2SUM™" kit shown in this August 2010 ad. The P250 is uniquely able to switch a serial-numbered trigger assembly between multiple sizes of frames and slides. The advantages are obvious for a shooter that wants several full-size and compact versions of a gun without having to buy multiple firearms. Frames and slides can be purchased directly from any SIg Sauer retailer without a FFL dealer involved.

Sig Sauer 556 SWAT

Bridging a perceived gap between the Sig Sauer 550 rifle and the AR-15 series is this SIG556. This rifle is similar in style and features of the 551 in 5.56x45 but uses a new aluminum lower receiver that accepts STANAG magazines. STANAG is of course the Standardization Agreement between NATO nations that agreed to use M-16 magazines for most of their 5.56x45 battle rifles. There were some teething issues when this 556 first came out but by the time of this ad (September 2010) the SIG556 was a solid shooting rifle. This particular rifle is the SWAT model which features a railed hand guard.

Sig Sauer 516

Eventually Sig Sauer USA came out with their own AR-style rifle, this one called the SIG516. The 516 uses a gas piston system and is compatible with any typical AR-15 accessory. The receiver is interesting in that it has a built-in sling quick detach hole below the receiver extention. The rifle came out in 2010 and this ad is from March 2011.