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Dragunov "Pet Loads"† :

•I load for my NDM86 in 308. My rifle seems to have a very tight chamber...Using Lake City Brass, CCI #34 military primers, 40 grain of IMR4895, with Sierra 168 BTHP bullet. Will shoot 1" and slightly less with my shooting at 100 meters. The rifle probably can do a little better hee hee! As for factory ammo, I have good luck with the Lake City M118 LR ammo! For surplus ammo, Radway Green, Hirtenberger and Portugese FNM ammo will shoot 1.5" group consistantly, but the Point of Impact is different from the 168 grain! With the right load we can comfortably engage clay pigeon at 400 yds! For 7.62x54R I reload with Sellier&Bellot brasss, IMR4895 powder and .311 150 grain SPT and 174 grain match! Could not find good 150 grain BT bullet yet! Wonder who makes them. I agree that the SVD seems to like the lighter bullet weight - 147 to 150 grain. Have not got a very satisfactory result yet! WIll keep posted. Be aware that the S&B brass have quite a shallow primer hole and you may need a little cleanup before putting in the primer -DaveC

•Now with S&B importing boxer brass cased ammo it is relatively easy. As Dave C stated, the S&B brass will need to have the primer pocket deepend just a bit. Other than that it reloads just like any other bottle neck rifle cartridge. Even though I've been told that the Tigers do not suffer from the same firing pin problems as the Chicom copies I still use miltary spec hard primers. I've been pulling bullets from imported ammo and wieghing them and sorting them out by weight. As for reloading for any semi-auto, make sure to use a tight crimp on the neck. I set my OAL to the same as the imported surplus ammo. -Mack M.

•My load is: .308 Hirtenberger surplus brass, trimmed to 2.05" , 41.0 grains of IMR4064 , CCI #34 primer, Sierra 168 gr MatchKing .308 . -Hilljack

Please remember to use your best judgement on reloading your own ammunition and always verify a load is safe before attempting to shoot it. This information can be found in any reloading manual available online or in most major bookstores.